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For almost 19 years, ETJP, our church based food pantry, has been helping to feed families in Morgan County as well as the surrounding counties.  Once a month, usually the 3rd Saturday, from 9 a.m.  to noon, we give away enough food to families to help feed them for 3 to 5 days!  For further info call 573-374-6323.

Bonnie Collett


The ladies of the door is a group of ladies who want to know and serve God with all their hearts. Whether its a ladies conference, a ladies tea, or just a weekly study where our focus is to know Him more!

Pastor Shirlene Piker

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Eli and Abbi Delhotal have been involved with our youth department for 7 years, but began the role as youth pastors this last year. As youth pastors, they not only minister to our youth, but also host the church's annual Lake Invasion event. Lake Invasion is a life-changing weekend that brings approximately 100 youth to the Lake Area. For more information about Pastors Eli and Abbi, email them at or call 573-374-6323

Eli & Abbi Delhotal


Shawn Scheffler is head of Student Ministries at The Door and has been here for 17 years. As head of Student Ministries, he oversees nursery/preschool, children's church and youth. Of those 17 years, he has been our children's church pastor for 10 years. For more information about Pastor Shawn, email him at or call 573-374-6323.

Pastor Shawn Scheffler


A child is a seed.  Seeds planted, nourished and tended to will grow.  We want our seeds to grow knowing God created them, God loves them and God has a plan for their lives.

Kari Delinger


David and Jody Hilton have been worship leaders of Life Work for 7 years, but have been in our congregation for a total of 14 years. They have been involved with our praise and worship team for 12 years.

Life Work is centered on 2 Chronicles 29:11, "God has chosen you to take your place before Him to serve in conducting and leading worship — this is your life work; make sure you do it and do it well."

For more information about David and Jody, email them at or call 573-374-6323.

David & Jody Hilton


ODCF World Missions is dedicated, according to Mark 16:15 to GO around the world preaching and teaching the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Jerry Piker

100 MEN

When God asked me to ask Him for 100 men, I asked Him why?  He told me, to “build an army of men to serve Him and to serve others” and this is what we are and this is what we do!

Pastor Jerry PIker



and our WORLD.


Joy Maddox is our Connect-Communicate-Care (CCC) Director at The Door and has been here for 22 years. She has been in leadership at The Door for 21 years, becoming head of CCC in 2014. Her main focus is overseeing our team of greeters, the welcome center and bookstore. For more information about Joy, email her at or call 573-374-6323.

Joy Maddox

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Thom and Stacy Jones are associate pastors at The Door and have been members of our church for 15 years. They have been in the role of associate pastors since May 2015.

During their years at The Door, they have served in many areas, including praise and worship, youth and food giveaway.

If you have any questions for Thom and Stacy, call 573-374-6323.

Associate Pastors

Pastor Thom & Stacy Jones